Rectifying the implementation deficit: the need for true democracy

It’s been a while since I posted something on this blog. Not out of lack of things happening, but out of lack of motivation and that precious thing, time. Today is essentially no exception. I won’t post something on the usual tone of this blog, but something totally different. It’s a paper I wrote for an “Environmental Governance” course some years ago. I just re-read it today, and I had the impulse to publish it on the blog, so here goes. It’s not big for a paper, but definitely big for a blog post. But, that doesn’t matter, does it? That’s the beauty of freedom: whoever wants to, reads it.

The paper is trying to tackle the implementation deficit of environmental regulations, mostly from a political point of view, and heeds to the need for a true democratic system to be applied mostly locally, but also in the international level. I hope you enjoy the read and, as always, comments are welcome. How about trying to guess the grade I got with it? 🙂


Albeit during the past 30 years the international arena has seen the emergence of various environmental agreements, the global environmental situation seems only to worsen. The beautiful texts of the various treaties seem powerless to change the direction our planet is heading. This can definitely be attributed to an implementation deficit, but also to a lack of democracy in the global environmental governance; two interrelated issues that must be viewed as such if conclusions that can rectify the situation are to be drawn. (more…)

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Arrivederci, Sardegna!

Well, with the powers of blog-magic, this post will go online when I’ll (hopefully) be on the ship to the continent, Sardegna far behind…

I write this a week before leaving since I might not have internet connection for a while. And it’s weird because even if only a short while remains here for me, I still feel that my experience here hasn’t finished and I can’t really wrap it up.

The only clear feeling of what to do is to post a picture I took here. It’s not one of the many glamorous pictures people can find by googling Castelsardo, but of an unsung wall that I saw in one of my strolls around this beautiful place.

It can certainly be called weird (I did get some weird looks from passers-by) but I spent almost an hour looking at this piece of wall – the beauty of having ample time to spend, I guess… Hey, I even took a picture of it with my cell phone, which I rarely do.

Unsung Sardinian wall...

Anyways, this wall made me think very much… I could see in it how the new builds upon the old, and when the foundation is strong, then the structure can persist for long and gain new weight on it without collapsing. Life seems to be like that in many extents, and achieving new grounds seems to have lots to do with re-affirming your roots at every point… (more…)

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A Pandora’s box in the consciousness

Today I realised that my previous post was actually misleading me. I asked for readers to help come up with some opinions about the function of the 2nd energy center, since these days I have the intense inwards urge to focus my endeavour on it. However, earlier today I remembered a very simple basic truth which I had forgotten: the processes occurring in me now have little to do with energy work or any other “spiritual” technique: they have to do with the consciousness and form a work that has consciousness at its core.

From this point onwards, I realised that what occurs moves according to its own schedule and needs no immediate energy diffusion from me, apart from what comes from up naturally. Also, that fulfilling the current steps cannot be done simply by channeling energy into an energy center etc. – that would be too easy. But experiencing certain things and displaying a new attitude while actually in them – that is something. Hence, I don’t really need to delve deeply into the functions of the 2nd center per se, but just flow with things as they come. And flow they do…

The past hours have been very intense. Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep – again. (I’m so thankful to life that has provided me now with the conditions to do that with no problem, since it’s so important…). I lied down but instead of sleep what came was an intense flood of memories and emotions, of imagination, that swept me with its rapid flow. This flood I can describe only as a jungle: memory and imagination whirled and turned in all directions, chaotically. Many many things came up, in a nonlinear fashion: some fights I’ve had with people in the past, memories of my (obligatory) army duty, of certain “close encounters” I’ve had with the… gentleness of police forces in my home country etc. These memories also triggered an intense bodily reaction in me., which was specifically emotional in nature. It is this clue that today led me, finally, into some understanding of what’s going on now.

So, I opened the Pandora’s box in my body. This is what has occurred with the urge and the ensuing prayers to clean and elevate my “matter centre”, not an energetical elevation that would be easy to achieve, but easy to lose again. Certain experiences that have been imprinted in it welled up, claiming their space. They have always been there, tucked beneath covers. But currently it’s revelation time for them. Now, the interesting bit: these bodily imprints express themselves mostly through emotions, hence through the 3rd centre. Therefore, what occurs now has as much to do with the 2nd centre as with the 3rd, that of emotions. Those two cannot be separated, they intermingle widely. Currently, a cleansing of both takes place, it cannot happen otherwise. And I’m grateful for that. (more…)

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Up the inner spiral

These last couple of days I’m getting evermore intense urges to continue upwards in the inner spiral. Up to now the focus has been mostly on the sexual center and its need for integration with the rest of me. This has been achieved to a satisfactory degree and albeit there’s still more to be done, now I feel it’s the time to shift emphasis higher: to the 2nd energy center, on the belly.

Although this energy center of mine is mostly working smoothy, there have been instances through the years where I have felt that more is needed, a conscious and focused cleansing of some sort. I remember, for instance, that I have felt at times as if there is weight on that center, blocking the flow of energy (note: no, it’s not my humongous belly on the way :p). I’ve performed many times sheddings of light in it, but now I feel that something more conscious is needed. A deeper delving.

However, I encounter a small problem. Up to now it has been quite easy for me to flow into my centers, sort of ‘scan’ their status and feel how they are. Also to get to know their functions, potential and use. Now, bowing in front of my belly center to see what it needs, I am surprised to see that I can’t recall one single thing of the experience I’ve gathered over the years about the functions of the energy centers. Not even the inspiration I received upon coming here on what exactly this particular center has to offer me – yep, I had some. It has all vanished. As if I’m a tabula rasa on that one. Which might actually be a good thing, opening the way to freedom; yet I feel I have no direction.

Hence this blog post. I would love to hear from anyone out there about experiences they’ve had had regarding the function of the 2nd center. I would appreciate any relevant comment, especially those stemming from personal experiences and not from book knowledge. I know book knowledge can be interesting, however on such issues I much prefer direct knowledge coming from experience.

Some general ideas that occurred to me today, to kick it off, is that the belly center is actually the matter center on the body. That it has lots to do with the physical body and its functions. That it has to do with how one grounds the higher aspects of the self, and especially with balance. Also that it forms some kind of base to build on. I can feel that, when in tune, it can be rock-stable.

Finally, I feel that it has lots to do with how light courses through the physical body and out of it, on the material world, when one consciously comes in touch with the fire within and tries to shed it in the world around.

Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated… Cheers!

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Less sleep, more realisations

My self woke me up today at 6.00 am – and everyone who knows me will be very surprised that this happened. Usually at this time I actually go to sleep nowadays… I was surprised too, since essentially in the past 48 hours I have slept 8 of them, which is far too little for a boy my age 🙂 But it was for a good cause: my mind started to tell things, processes were working in me, in that blessed state between sleep and wakefulness, where symbols and logic merge and the most beautiful progenies of their union come forth.

So, this morning I had some experiences which I’d like to describe, seeing that they form part of the thread this blog has. I see, for instance, the connections with Realisation #3 I wrote about in Spirituality and Sexuality, and with what I was writing yesterday, that there are certain physical functions in our bodies and minds that exist normally and should not really be interfered with.

For those bored, I repeat the pertinent part of Realisation #3 here: “These uncared for (until now) parts of me will never be integrated through external experiences – although they do play an important role (…) The work is much more internal and has to do with embracing into acceptance and love those parts of me that have been up to now denied”.

So, one of the nice realisations I had this morning was about what kind of experiences my up-to-now dismembered sexual center needs. While I was trying hard these days to think about them, I could not really conceive any other experiences pertaining to that center, apart from sexual ones. But now I think a step of understanding was taken.

As I woke up today, I could feel a certain inertia in my sexual center. As if there was something out of order, a thick thread that was not in place, quite strong and resistant to enter the flow. While still trying to sleep, I attempted to relax the region this thread occupied, somewhere below the bladder, and shed love into it, but this worked only partially. So, then I stopped trying to sleep and decided to do something about it. A blessing welled up, about this beloved part of myself that has not known and enjoyed the experience of union and integration, its presence into the light and its sharing with the other parts of me.

This blessing suddenly became what I can only describe as a lance from high up, that descended very fast and entered dynamically into my sexual center. It lasted for a brief moment, then dissipated. But not before, as I felt it, it installed something. I’m not sure what exactly it did install, but I got the following realisation: of course my sexual center needs external, sexual experiences – as everyone’s. But it also needs the internal experience of being loved, of sharing its qualities with the rest of me, of integration, of Union. Experiences it hasn’t had up to now, in its isolation.

It surprises me I hadn’t thought of that before, but this is the way things work with realisations: you have them when you are ready to integrate them. So no problem there. (more…)

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Close contact with lightning (in my mind)

A few nights ago I had an interesting experience I’d like to share, along with the realisations that stem from it. It was quite late, perhaps 4 am, and I was working. But I couldn’t concentrate. Outside, the skies were opening, there was a huge thunderstorm approaching. I decided to leap into the opportunity and go out for “TV”: watch the lightning meet the sea.

I went a little bit down the hill, to a spot that is very dark, in which I spent many hours of summer nights watching the stars. Around me, the wind was howling and there was lightning from all sides, very frequent, perhaps one per 20 seconds. I lied down and left my consciousness to the senses. A parenthesis here is that I noticed how a lightning doesn’t actually “fall” from the sky, but occurs simultaneously between the earth/sea and the cloud. It’s as if they are kissing…

Anyway, after a while, I noticed that I started to feel uncomfortable. There were some lightning strikes that must have been really close, because everything around me would go white, and then my eyes needed to adjust. Although I could feel no electricity in the air, I realised that I was most probably the most electrical object around, lying there on a rocky fence, on top of a hill. I looked up and I saw a black cloud over me, brooming. Then I felt that, if I tried, I could come in contact with the cloud, its energy, the electricity crackling in it… (more…)

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A feline breath of life

Today I woke up and I had a very weird sensation, which I can only describe as a low  ‘growl’ emanating from deep inside of me. It was so weird, it shook and shocked me at the same time. It felt alive, vibrant, earthly. Also very balanced with the rest of me. It had the quality of a feline predator, ready for the hunt. I think this is nothing else than my newly-awakening manhood, ready to advance and be incorporated harmoniously into the whole I am. It was lovely.

If one follows the stream of events running through my posts, he/she will notice the revelation of an immaturity within my autonomous sexuality and the process of integrating it within the rest of me. I think now that the stable basis of trust and understanding has been built, the process continues, the only way possible: with the emersion of my male erotic side, firstly. This is because, I think I have achieved a quite healthy balance between polarities in other aspects of myself, but not on this one; it is still immature. It’s awakening needs to pass firstly through the expression of maleness, since I reside in man’s body after all. I guess at some point in the future, the female nature of my sexuality will well up, expressed and integrated, so as to reach a polar balance in that aspect too. To be honest, I can’t wait 🙂

Currently aspects that have hitherto remained untapped and ignored, are being recognised and stretch themselves, ready to offer what they may to the whole. I’ve had an interesting comment from fellow blogger and soulseeker yogibenji, who wondered whether this process can occur within one’s own self, without a partner. I think it can, mainly because the diffusion of eroticism from the genital region to the rest of the self, I notice these days, is only partly sexual in nature. (more…)

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The next steps

Since the ‘big realisation’ I described in the previous post, not many things have changed. I feel my bodies working in a smooth cooperation, my centers are enjoying each other’s company, there have not been inner upheavals of any kind. Everything is in order. Which brings forth a quite interesting question I need to answer: and now what?

I’ve observed in the past the following paradox: when I’m not feeling well, I really strive to see what’s happening and do the inner work that the situation demands; but when I’m feeling well, it’s easy to forget myself and rest on that. This has lots to do with something I’ve discussed before: our tendency to welcome pleasure and shun pain. Now is not the time to relax though; there’s more things that need to be done. Relaxation for me will come after some time. The thing is now I have to use my imagination and intuition and find what those things are myself. (more…)

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Realisation, big-time

It’s 5.44 am, September 7th. I think this day I will include in my calendar of “important dates of my life”. The future will show…

I had tonight a marvellous realisation, of the kind that made me startle from my bed, and stare very much, although my room was completely engulfed in darkness. I was looking inwardly, trying to see if the thought that came from my mind is actually true, if this is it. The answer to a question I’ve been looking to find for quite some time: how does the sexual center function when it’s in tune with the flow of the Logos.

I’ll start from the beginning of this moon and create a suspense for the realisation – it might increase the readers, hehe… (fat chance) (more…)

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The hero’s Ithaca

As Bilbo was saying, “The Road goes ever on and on…”. It twists and turns, takes us down many directions, presents all kinds of obstacles, dilemmas, crossroads… From Hercules’ time until today, it seems.

That most wonderful (and thus contadictory) of all archetypes made the choice of following the hard road, not the easy one. Knowing that, and making that choice, defines him for what he essentially was: the hero. One of those people who don’t shy away from the quest dictated by necessity, who don’t sit comfortably by the fire (or the TV) and make up stories about what lies beyond its comfortable glow. Who live. You might ask, doesn’t everyone live? Of course! – to an extent. For as the count Kapodistrias said, “we all live… but the art of knowing how to live, that’s a very hard thing”.

Daring to look beyond safety, in what lies in the darkness: the first step of courage. Deciding to move towards it: the second. Actually stepping into the unknown: the third. And that’s where the real fun begins… Down our inner labyrinths, there’s not one but many minotaurs; Ariadne is our own soul that can provide the thread. We encounter many Medusas; Athena is the wisdom that provides the mirror through which we can look monstrous fears in the eye without being petrified. Our labours are not 12 but ten-times that; our evolving strength and wits our weapons.

In times of great vexation, I draw strength by remembering the noble cause of integration our species has chosen since the dawn of time. Everything is part of it, and that’s vital to understand. Then the sirens and the lotus-eaters become integral parts of this quest, and are not shunned nor avoided. What defines the hero is not what he already is but what he becomes. And his main characteristic seems to be the power to persevere and carry on, despite adversity. And thus does adversity become an ally. (more…)

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